Industry knowledge

Bearing storage

No leakage of rain should be allowed in the warehouse. The bearing storage position should be protected from direct sunlight. The indoor air should be circulated, but there should be no dust. Ventilation and temperature adjustment equipment should be installed in the warehouse.
The warehouse should be kept dry, the relative temperature should be controlled below 80%, the indoor temperature should be controlled at 25 degrees, and there should be no large temperature changes during the day and night. When the temperature is too low, the rusting agent is easy to crystallize and crack, resulting in rusting of some metal exposed. The temperature is too high, the rusting agent is easily lost (evaporated) or deteriorated, and the temperature difference between day and night is likely to cause moisture to condense on the bearing surface to cause rust.
In the winter season, the bearing storage location should not be close to the heating.
The ground in the warehouse should be hard and not easy to get dust on the ground.
Bearings must not be stored in a warehouse with corrosive materials such as acid, alkali and salt, chemical raw materials and large water materials.
It is not easy to invade harmful gases around the warehouse where the bearings are stored.