Industry knowledge

What should be paid attention to when measuring the radial clearance of the bearing

(1) Use special instrument measurement methods whenever possible.
(2) Measurement by hand is required to have higher measurement skills. This method has a large measurement error, especially when the clearance is in the edge state, which is easy to cause an error. In this case, the instrument measurement shall prevail.
(3) When measuring the feeler gauge, it shall be operated in accordance with the standard regulations, and shall not be measured by rolling the roller from the feeler.
(4) During the measurement process, the ball should be guaranteed to fall into the bottom of the ditch, and the closed bearing should be measured before closing. When using a loaded instrument, the measured value should also be reduced by the load increase caused by the load.
(5) For multi-row bearings, it is required that the clearance of each column is qualified, and the arithmetic mean of the play of each column is taken as the radial clearance of the bearing.