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RUWH - Axis, housing accuracy and roughness


Axis, housing accuracy and roughness

When the accuracy of the shaft and the casing is not good, the bearing is affected by it and cannot perform its proper performance. For example, the accuracy of the shaft and the outer hole of the outer casing is not good, which will cause the inner and outer rings to tilt. In addition to the bearing load, the concentrated load at the end will reduce the fatigue life of the bearing, and if it is serious, the cage will be damaged and sintered.

Exceptionally, the outer casing requires less deformation under external load, and it needs to have sufficient rigidity to support the bearing. The higher the rigidity, the more favorable the bearing noise and load distribution.

Under normal conditions of use, turning finishing or precision boring can be finished. However, in the case where the rotation accuracy and noise are strict and the load conditions are too severe, grinding finishing is required.

Refer to Table 15 for the accuracy and surface roughness of the shaft and outer casing under normal conditions of use.