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  • Benefits of preloading bearings include: • Rotational accuracy and precise shaft positioning • Elimination or reduction of ball skidding • Control and reduction of axial and radial deflection under applied load • Noise reduction • Load sharing between bearings


  • Presses, common equipment in industrial production. The main shaft of the press is the core part of the press, and the repair of the spindle bearing position has always been one of the hot issues that the company is very concerned about. Regarding the repair process of the spindle, from the traditional to the modern new technology, has always been the focus.


  • Maintenance methods for pump bearings and precautions when disassembling: 1. The pump that is newly put into use must be replaced with grease (oil) after 100 hours of operation, and then replaced once every 500 hours.


  • Bowman International is a leading bearing design and manufacturer. In addition to producing conventional bearing products, Bowman also manufactures custom bearings.


  • Motorcycles require three bearings to assist in the operation and start-up of the motorcycle during operation, that is, the power generation at start-up.


  • The bearings are most afraid of no oil, and they are very afraid of entering the sand. The bearings that can be broken are basically because of lack of oil or water that has broken.