69 Series Deep Groove Ball Bearing

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  • RUWH bearing is an important machinery transmission part so that people pursue its high durability and long service life all the more in recent years.It is essential to select proper bearings and use bearings correctly.With the rich experience and rigorous operation system,Ningbo Renhe Machinery is capable to make the right chice to provide the wide customers with the best bearings to adapt well to any special application.RUWH bearings stand high in wide customers' favour.

  • 6908RS Deep Groove Ball Bearing is suitable for high-speed and low-noise fields such as industrial equipment and precision motors, such as: stepper motor, medical equipment, office equipment, instrumentation, deceleration, gearbox, robot, optics, imaging equipment, rotary encoder, and other related fields.

  • Machinery ball bearing advantages:1. Low noise and vibration, noise and vibration level meet Z3 / Z4, V3 / V4. 2. Motor bearing for electric motor is made from bearing steel (GCr15). It features precision rotating, complying with ABEC-3 (P6), low friction torque and high running speed, can also work in either high or low temperature environment. 3. All types of bearing on this site are only for standard use. 4. Design for motor, and also can be used in other fields.

  • 6907Z Deep Groove Ball Bearing the thin-walled bearing realizes an extremely thin bearing cross section, and also realizes miniaturization and weight reduction of the product. The diversity of products extends the range of applications.​

  • The 6907RS electric machinery ball bearings are suitable for high-speed and low-noise fields such as various industrial equipments and precision motors, such as: stepper motors, medical instruments, office equipment, testing instruments, deceleration, shifting devices, robots, optics, imaging equipment, rotary encoders, etc.

  • 6906 Sealed chrome steel deep groove advantages: 1. With a steel plate dust cover or rubber seal seal bearing in advance filled with the right amount of grease 2. Suitable for high-speed rotation and require low noise, low vibration of the occasion 3. Simple configuration,high speed,less coefficient of friction,less vibration and noise 4. Mainly take the radial load as well as moderate axial load

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