60 Series Sealed ball bearing

1. Reduced total operating cost 

2. Virtually maintenance-free operation 

3. Excellent performance under severe conditions:

●hot conditions

●dry environments 

●low rotational speeds

4. Reduced environmental impact

5. Reduced machine design complexity

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  • High temperature resistant bearings are bearings that are resistant to high temperatures. There are many types of high temperature resistant bearings. Different types of bearings can be installed according to different needs and different environments.

  • Low-temperature bearings are not bearings that operate stably in high-temperature environments corresponding to high-temperature bearings. They refer to the design of special materials and structures to reduce the friction coefficient, thereby reducing friction and heat, and keeping bearings cold for a long time. The world's leading bearing brands are based on bearing operating temperatures.

  • Skateboard bearings are not as sophisticated as the yo-yos, because there are eight bearings and four middle locks on one plate, and the best eight replacement bearings are replaced, which is necessary regardless of which axis first explodes.

  • Precision bearings are classified according to ISO grading standards: P0, P6, P5, P4, P2. The grades are increased sequentially, of which P0 is ordinary precision, and other grades are precision grades. Of course, different grading standards, different types of bearings, their grading methods are different, but the meaning is consistent. The performance of precision bearings requires that the rotating body has high runout precision, high speed rotation and small friction and friction changes.

  • Sealed bearing Type In order to maintain good lubrication conditions and normal working environment, the bearing performance and longevity of the bearing should be fully utilized. The rolling bearing must have a proper seal to prevent lubricant leakage and dust, moisture or other pollution,Intrusion of things.

  • Compared with ordinary bearings, stainless steel bearings not only have obvious advantages in materials, but also have stricter control on precision in process and precision than ordinary bearings. Stainless steel bearings work stably during operation, with low noise, corrosion resistance and wide application. Stainless steel bearings can organize batch production, achieving high strength and high precision

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